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  adphi abdf1777f5 Mettre à jour '' 4 months ago
  adphi 317c2483d4 deprecation notice 4 months ago
  adphi d0c4cd1488 obviously, it's in front of the description 4 months ago
  adphi 5a5ba37b69 Deprecated application 4 months ago
  Adphi 4fecde9d9d returns error message on exception 8 months ago
  Adphi 411e9e800f fix name cases 8 months ago
  Adphi 6579503c63 Makefile: added make version 8 months ago
  Adphi ad5306cf67 occweb lowercase 8 months ago
  Adphi f2d7ff4c14 increment version 9 months ago
  Adphi aa2848cfee fix #11 9 months ago
  Adphi e5d211826f fix Makefile dist 9 months ago
  Adphi 222e9d5956 fix #6 9 months ago
  Adphi 93e4701a82 v0.0.5 9 months ago
  Adphi 5e7ddb1578 build dist 9 months ago
  Adphi e03bd71092 fix app compliance 9 months ago
  Adphi 2447aea115 Fix core server lib import path 1 year ago
  Adphi b4761ebb4f updated build 1 year ago
  Adphi a9019903cf added version 16 to info.xml 1 year ago
  Adphi 608b0e2462 removed memory infos 1 year ago
  Adphi e725fd3ed7 rebuild 1 year ago
  Adphi 4dbbcce938 rebuild 1 year ago
  Adphi 16de1641ea Merge branch 'master' of 1 year ago
  Adphi 77b1f007cf fix #1 remove dirty hack 1 year ago
  Adphi 9ade0837b0 added screenshot to 1 year ago
  Adphi cee4b7a7e1 fix website url in info.xml 1 year ago
  Adphi 42ccc2e7e5 improved app infos, add website 1 year ago
  Adphi 1831886e20 improved app infos, fix app category 1 year ago
  Adphi a79cc12161 build 1 year ago
  Adphi 8c4d675e1f Updated 1 year ago
  Adphi 1745aa185a fix greetings not updating date on exit 1 year ago