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Tortue Torche d9ab30a969 Fix Redis Unix socket support (#944)
* Fix Redis Unix socket support

Rebase and rewrite the @epma01 pull request, based on last Nextcloud Docker changes

Signed-off-by: Tortue Torche <>

* Fix CI tests with script

Signed-off-by: Tortue Torche <>
3 years ago
apache-pretty-urls.config.php Pretty URLs for apache 6 years ago
apcu.config.php Add apcu.config.php 6 years ago
apps.config.php Move apps.config.php into config dir 6 years ago
autoconfig.php Avoid empty table prefix 4 years ago
redis.config.php Fix Redis Unix socket support (#944) 3 years ago
smtp.config.php Set SMTP via environment vars. (#698) 4 years ago